Simple Answers to
Your Questions

What is included?

With every design template you get your selected design completely editable in a WordPress as a CMS environment. Pages can be added, edited, and deleted as needed.

I'm not very computer savvy.

That's ok, we offer a number of "hand holding" solution to help you on your way. Select a design to see our options.

What other charges are there?

Hosting and your domain name are the only items with a yearly fee. Hosting is $150 / year, and domain name are $35 / annually.

What if I already have website hosting, or if I want to host my site elsewhere?

In order to deliver a fast, stable solution and ensure that your website functions as it should, we require you to host on our servers.

Do I need a domain name?

You will need a domain name. We can register one for you for for $35 annually, or you can do it yourself. We recommend, and highly recommend you only register your domain name for a year at a time.

What about email?

Email for your domain name is set up with one of the following free email hosting services:, or

Do you offer payment schedules?

"Unfortunately, no. All payment is due before any development begins. We pride ourselves on delivering our services effectively and promptly.

How are these prices possible?

We use our experience to build captivating and flexible designs based on current web trends. This design process is time consuming, expensive and detail-oriented, which is why standard from-scratch web design quotes can be quite high. By using our service, you benefit from sharing the cost of custom web design with other clients, while retaining the customizability you need to make your site embody your own unique brand.